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I just did my first Ironman training plan with a coach and let me tell you, I wish I did all my previous races with a coach! Corey at Jubjub Multisports was awesome to work with. The amount of time spent communicating both via email, text and phone calls was extremely helpful in understanding the workouts and why I was doing them. It helped keep me accountable and put me in the best shape I have ever been and paid off by giving me PR's in all three disciplines at Ironman Boulder. I am glad I made the jump to a coach and look forward to continue improving. If you are unsure if you should make the jump to a full time coach I can tell you it is a chance worth taking! -- Joe Raymond, 3x Ironman finisher.

2 years ago I decided to face my fear and doubt and do an IRONMAN Triathlon. I did the 20 week training schedule, learned to swim, and put in the work. I missed the 90 bike cutoff by 15 minutes. I was really disappointed and committed to doing it again in 2016. I did the 1/2 as part of my training to Gage my condition and if I was on track for the full. I WAS NOT. I finished but I was really disappointed and very discouraged. I hired Corey and started working with him right after that. His approach was awesome. He customized my work outs for each week and he changed the way I trained. I told him how important finishing was for me and that I felt I was not where I needed to be. He encouraged me that he could get me there. I trusted him, but still doubted myself at the same time. I listen to him, stuck to the training and trusted his knowledge and experience. Corey not only got me physically ready, but helped my mindset-mental focus and most importantly nutrition. Corey had me develop my race week schedule that included everything I would do and everything I would eat up to the start of the race and throughout race day. On August 21, 2016 I Crossed the finish line and became an IRONMAN. It was one of the greatest moments of my and my families life. The things I really noticed during the race were my condition and nutrition. I felt great physically and my nutrition was excellent. My AHA was I should have Hired Corey a lot sooner. If you are considering an IRONMAN (Full, half or both) I HIGHLY Recommend Corey McKenna as your coach. He will get you ready in every way to meet or exceed your goal! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Terry Gurno - IRONMAN Finisher 2016

I had never been a runner, but decided last fall I wanted to run my first half marathon in the spring. I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I had the privilege of having Corey as my coach. He gave me a detailed, weekly, workout plan for 12 weeks to help prepare me for my upcoming event. By the time of the race, the San Diego Half Marathon, I felt more prepared than I ever thought I would. And, it was all because of Corey's help. Not only does he give you workouts each week, but he checks in with you daily & he really wants you to succeed. He is extremely knowledgeable & passionate about what he does & it shows. Thank you Corey! I look forward to having you coach me for any future events! -- Chelsea Gurno, first time 1/2 marathon finisher.

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